5 common questions about an LMS

Different customers’ often ask us very similar questions. This is a round-up of the more prevalent questions. The responses might only give you the initial information you’re looking for, but if you talk to us, we’ll be better able to understand your specific problems and can assist you from there. These questions are:

  1. How can we encourage companies who buy our courses on the LMS to service themselves more?
  2. Does my e-learning have to be SCORM compliant?
  3. What is meant  by a “responsive” LMS?
  4. Why do my e-learning courses sometimes ‘freeze’ ?
  5. Why do I need to be connected to the Internet to do my e-learning course?

15 of the latest e-learning books we should all read — March 2016

A collection of just published or soon to be published books on e-learning. We’ve taken the time to research these books, authors and editors. We've presented books we believe can be part of your e-learning toolkit and which we have our eye on as future must reads. The book details are republished from Amazon and the publishers websites where you’ll find some useful book reviews.

11 ways to monetise your knowledge with a Learning Management System (LMS)

If you’re a training provider and already using an LMS learning platform then you’re probably already monetising your knowledge in some way. However, having helped numerous training providers to build commercially viable online businesses, this article covers a few ways you might not have thought of.

Cloud, mLearning and gamification — 3 e-learning trends explained

It’s the time of year for trends. Terms like gamification, mLearning and the cloud keep popping up as key e-learning forecasts for 2016. Some of these terms may be a little convoluted so here are our simplified explanations - decoded and grounded for real business application.

Learning technologies — a non technical introduction to SCORM, xAPI, Tin Can and LRS

Learning technology is the term used to cover the broad range of equipment and online services that can be used to support learning, continued professional development, personal development, teaching and assessment.

Learning technology might encompass anything including, but not limited to online learning platforms such as LMS’s and VLE’s, electronic whiteboards and mobile apps, games based simulations and more besides.

If you’re new to the world of e-learning and in particular online learning platforms such as LMS’s and VLE’s then you’ll be hearing terms such SCORM, Tin Can, xAPI and whether or not something or other is compliant or not. You may be wondering what this all means. You may also be contemplating if and why they are important to you.

This article explains SCORM, xAPI, Tin Can and LRS learning technologies in a completely non-technical way in order to help you understand what they mean for you and your organisation.

Slow Internet and e-learning — who's to blame when websites slow down or stop?

We've all experienced the frustration of slow Internet! Your e-learning site (or other websites) slow down to a snail's pace or grind to a halt. What's the real problem when your e-learning websites are running slow; always down at a particular time; or seem to be working just fine for everyone else, but you? Understand why these slow Internet problems are not always your learning platform suppliers fault by getting into your car and taking an illustrative car journey. Most importantly, use our selection of handy slow Internet diagnosis tips and tricks.

What is a learning platform — and a template to help you choose the right one

This article is perfect for those fairly new to e-learning. Understand basic learning platform concepts and terminology like defining a learning platform, the benefits of a learning platform and how to establish what learning platform is right for you. We've also given away an Excel compliance matrix template to help you choose the right learning platform for your needs.