Develop online training and enhance your growth potential

Imagine the possibilities that open up to your organisation when you are selling, delivering, managing and monitoring your training online — all via a fully managed, e-commerce enabled e-learning training platform.

Traditional training practises and methodologies can restrict growth which can be limited by restricted geographical reach, lack of human resource, high fulfilment costs and the difficulty of maintaining quality standards which will vary depending on individual trainers. We can help you reach the growth potential of your business by enabling your organisation to deliver its resources, knowledge, and expertise as online training material.

The In2itive LMS has proved to be a great platform for delivering our online courses to thousands of our customers around the world.
— Victoria Kinch, Commercial Director, Training Bytesize Ltd

Develop training that expands your reach

Our customisable and e-commerce enabled LMS allows you to sell existing training to more customers and develop training for a web based route to market.

You can create and customise your own catalogue pages, product pages, prices, discounts and promotions. Your customers and students will be able to access your high quality, consistent training anytime, anywhere. 

Develop training that reduces your cost of fulfilment

Depending on the type of training your organisation provides, you may benefit from:

  • Reduced travel, venue hire and catering costs
  • No reproduction costs for training materials or resources
  • Reduced or removed postage, labelling, packaging and dispatch costs with the added benefit that online goods don’t go missing!
  • Reduced or removed certification costs via automatically generated certificates
  • No postage or returns costs related to free trials with the ability to see exactly what your customers have engaged with, when, and for how long

Develop training that benefits from replication

Create e-learning material and enjoy the benefits of selling that content again and again. You can reuse and repackage core training content as well as customise the most relevant components or modules for specific customer groups. The In2itive LMS supports multiple languages, so you can replicate your material for new markets.  

Access fundamental business data with ease

Easily access business critical data such as online sales, user usage, course completion rates, trial users, and more, with a suite of real-time management reports. See who’s doing what, when, how well and for how long.

Engage ‘face to face’ with customers worldwide

Many training providers still want to connect with their participants, either for group meetings or for one to one coaching, for example. This is possible using the LMS's in-built virtual classroom which provides multi-party private webinars with two-way video, audio and the ability to share whiteboards, screens and documents. Meetings can even be recorded for non-attendees to view at a later date, at their own convenience. 

Create customer communities

Engagement and relationships are likely to be part of the package your students want to buy into. A suite of tools such as forums, wikis, chat rooms and in-private messaging enables you to enhance these relationships. You can even customise and brand your training material for specific customers. 

Customise your customers’ experience

When your key customer organisations use your e-learning and online training materials, you can customise their online experience using the LMS.

  • Customise the look and feel of your customers’ login areas to match each of their own brand identities or allow them to do this for themselves
  • Send customised automated emails to suit your customers' and enable them to have their own private group collaboration tools such as forums and wikis
  • Allow your customers’ to upload their own resources such as learning packages and procedure and policy documents into their own private area and made available only to their employees
  • Remove the administrative burden of providing regular status reports to your customers by allowing them to have access to their own reports such as status, progress, completion, fail and quiz score reports. All reports can be segmented by things like department, location and country and each customer group can have different privilege levels so they only access what is relevant to them.