A unique learning technologies company

Based in the rural Cambridgeshire countryside our forward sense of technology may surprise you! We stand out as a highly unique learning technologies company because we are committed to giving customers exactly what they want and need. 

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We've been working in learning technologies right here in the UK since 2001. Our team is highly experienced and skilled in customised software development so we offer extremely flexible and tailored learning technologies. We are committed to evolving and changing our service to match different customer requirements so we're an agile team that specialises in a consultative approach. We follow established technology standards but we also challenge our clients to seize the many opportunities that this fast changing world of learning technologies and e-learning offers. As a result, many of our clients grow with us and we’re very proud of this mutually beneficial way of working. Most of our business comes from repeat business and referrals because of our customer-centric approach.

With thousands of organisations and hundreds of thousands of individuals using our learning platform as part of their online training initiatives, we provide proven, reliable, world wide access to information. Our systems utilise an infrastructure that ensures data is always secure, backed up and professionally managed in accordance with industry standards.


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We couldn’t have done this without In2itive and it is a rare company indeed that would be as committed to our success as we are.
— Jim Fitzgerald, CEO & Founder, WatchWord Productions

An approach for forward thinking organisations

We see each and every client as unique with specific project requirements and customer needs. In contrast to off the shelf e-learning systems we never impose standard solutions or force your content to fit an inflexible system.

About · Approach · Key personell · Testimonials



The In2itive approach

Combine your subject matter with our expertise

By working in partnership we can combine your subject matter and expertise with our fully customisable Learning Management System. Together we can combine our expertise and produce a powerful e-learning experience that specifically caters to your business and user needs.

Integrate with your existing systems

We understand that your organisation may have already invested in an array of systems, resources and tools to help you manage your business, interact and engage with your audience (such as CRM and payment systems). We have the software development skills, tools and experience to help you integrate systems, introduce new systems where appropriate and transition smoothly. 

Setup and customisation is on us

Our approach to doing business, combined with our fully managed LMS platform removes the technology and IT barriers that can prevent organisations from delivering sustainable and commercially viable online solutions. You won’t even have to install or setup a thing because we’ll do all of that free of charge in order to get your service up and running as swiftly as possible. This approach leaves you free to concentrate on your core business because we provide a technically robust e-learning solution together with consultation services that ensure you have a commercially viable system that meets the needs of your customers.


Before we take on a project we will spend time asking questions and listening. We want to understand your business, learning technology goals and user expectations and needs. We can then advise you, talk you through best practice and help you set up successfully. This way we tailor our solutions to suit your real needs and fit within your budget. We’re here to help you solve your e-learning problems, improve efficiency, cut costs and increase revenue.

Our clients tell us that the guidance we provide them is invaluable. Through our consultative approach, our clients are never left alone to figure things out for themselves. Relationships are central to how we work. You will get to know and trust our people and when you contact us you will get a prompt and personalised response. We work with a select group of customers on an ongoing consultative basis with no hidden fees. So we spend time providing the help and support you need to see your project through from beginning to fully managed deliverables.

In2itive have guided us through the process, the transition was seamless and their customer service and system support is first class.
— Kerri Trounce, Head of Media Development, The University of Law


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Our team listens to your needs

We bring over 50 years of combined experience in learning technologies to the table and are absolutely committed to adapting our products and services to match new and different customer requirements.

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Customer Operations Manager

With over 15 years at In2itive, Adrian manages all the day to day operations and is usually the first person our clients turn to when they want to find out how to do something different, new or better. Adrian manages all matters relating to the day to day operations of our client systems including procedural matters, and overseeing all first line support and client training. 


  • Telephone and email support to clients

  • Helping clients get the most from their systems through administrative and operational support

  • Understanding the emerging needs of clients and translating these into a set of deliverables

When not at work...

Adrian is sports mad and will usually be found playing or watching any and all sports, especially football, golf and cricket.



Account Manager

Jake focuses on business development with new and existing clients. He is the main point of contact for potential clients looking to move to an online learning solution. With a background in training and development and account management within the financial services and energy industries, he is well placed to support our clients technically and commercially through their transition. He has a degree in psychology and uses his great understanding of people and processes to find excellent solutions for our clients.


  • Promoting In2itive business solutions and its services to existing and potential clients

  • Helping clients find technically and commercially viable solutions to their needs

  • Handling the client journey from enquiry to going live for consistency and quality of service

When not at work...

Jake enjoys music and plays several instruments. He doesn’t just like listening to it, he’s even been known to write a song or two.



Technical Director

Gary is ‘The Hub’ of our software applications and our underlying IT infrastructure. Gary has over 30 years’ experience in designing, delivering and operating mission critical software and management information solutions including time served with HM Royal Corps of Signals and Cambridgeshire Police Force. He has also worked in SE Asia and Europe for major companies such as Siemens, Comsys, Alcatel and Baker Perkins. Gary’s background is rooted firmly in software development, systems analysis and telecommunications with awards in Science, Modelling with Mathematics, Living with Technology and Telecommunications. He provides authority, experience and direction on anything and everything technical. Now in his 17th year at In2itive we believe that he’s settling in quite well!


  • Software and infrastructure architecture and design

  • Scoping and designing new software features and functionality

  • Managing his software development team

  • Following industry developments and collaborating on the development of global e-learning standards

When not at work...

Gary is a keen amateur astronomer, so on clear dark nights he can usually be found scanning the night skies trying to discover new galaxies. When he’s not scanning the dark skies he’ll be scanning the world wide web for his next telescope upgrade.



Managing Director

Now in his 13th year with In2itive, Darren oversees all aspects of running the business with a particular focus on business development with new and existing clients. Darren has 25 years’ experience selling, managing, implementing and supporting complex technology, infrastructure, software and service solutions with clients' such as BT, Nokia and The University of Law. Darren holds an Honours degree in electronics specialising in telecommunications and test analysis. So whilst his passion is for people and business development, he has an in depth understanding of how things work, how to get the best out of things and how to overcome problems.


  • Understanding the objectives and business drivers of potential clients

  • Understanding the evolutionary needs of current clients

  • Managing contracts, commercial matters, vendors and service level arrangements

  • Overseeing all aspects of running In2itive

When not at work...

Darren enjoys sports and the outdoors and will most often be found falling off his mountain bike on a variety of forest trails around the country. He’s also been a keen angler since the age of 10. So when he needs to switch off and think about 'nothing at all' then he’ll be found (or not) beside a lake somewhere.

Testimonials that demonstrate our approach

We love that the majority of our clients stay with us once they understand the unique value we bring. We're all about partnership, longevity, mutual benefit and sharing knowledge about learning technologies.

About · Approach · Key personell · Testimonials


When you select a learning platform, consider what the provider will be doing for you in three, five or even ten years time. These testimonials demonstrate that we remain perpetually attentive and continue to add value for many years. 




During the 11 years that we’ve worked together, In2itive and their learning technology solutions have enabled EduCare to deliver millions of e-learning courses to hundreds of thousands of organisations’ and individuals around the world. As well as delivering learning technology solutions for us, we also work in partnership with In2itive to deliver custom solutions for our own key clients.

In2itive work as if they are part of our organisation and everything they deliver is customised to meet the specific requirements of our organisation, our clients and our market sectors.

Again and again In2itive demonstrate that it isn’t just about their learning technology, it’s about them understanding our business; understanding our customers’ business and understanding our collective objectives — and then coming up with the right solution for each unique challenge.
— Keir McDonald MBE, CEO & Founder



In 2008 we needed to move our traditional training (DVD, video and paper based products) onto the web as an e-learning solution. We knew this was the future, nevertheless we were not entirely sure how to get there.

We selected In2itive as our partner, not only because of their learning platform and the security and simplicity of use it offered — but also for their expertise in the entire transformation we needed to undertake. They helped us understand this new online world, helped us to package our products for online delivery, figure out how best to sell them and make our customer renewals process simpler.

Since working with In2itive they have continually developed the platform to meet our evolving needs. We have recently completed an extensive upgrade that enables the use of varying devices and browsers. In2itive have guided us through the process, the transition was seamless and their customer service and system support is first class.
— Kerri Trounce, Head of Media Development



For 10 years we’ve worked with In2itive to deliver our online streaming subscription service and in the process, In2itive has provided exceptional support to help us in this unique effort. Beyond the building and provision of the online service itself, they have helped us with design, counsel, customer service, marketing and whatever else we’ve needed — and always in a timely fashion and with a genuine interest in our work. We couldn’t have done this without In2itive and it is a rare company indeed that would be as committed to our success as we are.
— Jim Fitzgerald, CEO & Founder



The In2itive LMS has proved to be a great platform for delivering our online courses to thousands of our customers around the world.

We have found the customisation of the platform invaluable and the support of In2itive has enabled us to deliver flexible solutions to all of our customers.

Currently in our fifth year of working with In2itive, we continue to receive excellent levels of service and support.
— Victoria Kinch, Commercial Director



In2itive has provided business critical hosted solutions and services to us and our clients for over 12 years. It has not been straightforward as we have had complicated legacy technology to deal with. As technology has evolved, In2itive have always found a way to ensure continuity and to make things work for us.

What drew us to them was their ability and willingness to prove they could do what we were looking for. They understood our problems and solved them! The service levels and flexibility on offer mimics the relationship we have with our own clients and that speaks volumes.
— Gary Sawyer, Divisional Managing Director



In under a year we were able to completely replace our admin-heavy, webinar-based customer training regime with online training courses hosted on our In2itive LMS.

The In2itive team has been a vital part of the success of this project. Their support and guidance has been second-to-none and the very few minor issues we’ve encountered have been swiftly resolved.

We were so pleased with the success of the initial customer training project that we are now using the LMS for staff induction and training as well.

I have no hesitation in recommending In2itive and their LMS to anyone looking to move towards an online e-learning platform.
— Arlia Bundy, Operations Manager

Others learning on an In2itive platform

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  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Manchester Law Society
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