Elearning sector roundup — February 2018

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In this sector roundup we look at what was trending in 2017 that will carry forward into 2018. We cover:

  • Extended enterprise learning
  • Accelerated product rollouts
  • Increased customer renewals and retention
  • Decreasing onboarding costs
  • Video training
  • Microlearning and byte size learning
  • Digital badges
  • Blended learning

Extended enterprise learning

Talented Learning defines Extended Enterprise Learning very well - “Think of extended enterprise learning as any training effort targeted at non-employee external audiences — customers, prospects, channel partners and others outside of your organization’s walls, but within your business value chain."

In June 2017 Talented Learning published this very useful article on extended enterprise learning. It includes sections on Extended Enterprise LMS basics and how to launch an Extended Enterprise Learning program without losing your way.

Accelerated product rollouts

Time is of the essence when it comes to product launches. Whether that’s training employees about products so they can handle sales, marketing and customer service or training customers about how to use your products, sharing product knowledge is critical. Distributing knowledge through e-learning is a key trend going forward because it is so much faster than traditional forms of training. Our article, “E-learning enquiry to going live — a real project journey”, walks you through how you can use e-learning to accelerate your product rollouts.

Increased customer renewals and retention

Sales managers know how important it is to retain existing customers. If your products and services deliver what they promise, it should be significantly easier to keep an existing customer than to get a brand new customer. One way to ensure you maintain high retention rates is to educate and inform your customers. But what about when the demand for your products or SaaS exceeds the physical supply or capacity for training that you have? Then it’s time to turn to e-learning of course! Our article, “End user training, scalability and eLearning” looks at increasing customer retention through e-learning in more detail.

Decreasing onboarding costs

Technology is a double edged sword in the world of recruitment and more importantly, staff retention. Through technology, your staff have easy access to new jobs. Through technology you can develop an intuitive onboarding process, so you can quickly and cost effectively train your staff, helping to keep your best people.

Blended learning is a powerful tool to decrease the cost of onboarding. Through blended learning staff get the full training they need. They understand the business and their role better thus leading to higher levels of employee retention. This cuts down the cost of the negative cycle of having to re-employ again and again.

An article by eLearning Industry, ‘6 Tips To Use Blended Learning For Onboarding’ discusses onboarding and elearning in more detail.

Video training

Incorporating videos into your elearning can help to eradicate boredom when it comes to training. Video is simply more likely to attract the attention of learners than text alone. This article by Training Industry discusses the best uses of video in e-learning and tips for using video effectively.

Microlearning and bitesize learning

Sharing small bite sized chunks of training and learning designed around one key objective continues to be a growing trend in 2018. Rather than overwhelming the learner, they are more likely to retain information through microlearning and bitesize learning. Contrary to what you may think, microlearning and bitesize learning are two quite different things. The difference between the two is explained very well in this article by Elearning Industry.

Digital badges

Elearning Industry describes digital badges as “ indicator of accomplishment or skill that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online.” Digital badges are issued as an achievement. They can inspire and motivate learners to get up and go to achieve even higher. “Digital Badges: What Are They And How Are They Used?” is a great introductory article on digital badges.

Blended learning

This is still high up on the list with many companies changing to Blended Learning and seeing the benefits. It Is a mixture of classroom training and e-learning. ComLab India explain, “For an organization to suddenly jump from a traditional classroom learning setup to a fully digital one might be an unwelcome move. To avoid this abrupt change of methodology, it is best that you first adapt a blended learning approach. Blended learning, as the name suggests, blends the best of classroom training with its digital counterpart.” Read more about blended learning in this article by CommLab India.

We can help your business with learner focused interfaces and eCommerce

Whether you’re a training provider, offer organisational L&D or need to train the users of your products and software, you will want to integrate the above trends into your learning. This will help you stay ahead of the game and keep up with the evolving needs and your customers. We can help you load, deliver, track and manage e-learning content on your own terms. Find out how the In2itive LMS can help you meet the needs of your learners, whether that’s digital badges, certifications, premium products, or anything else.

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World Of Learning Exhibition

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E-Learning Quotes For Inspiration

People expect to be bored by elearning, let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that.
— Cammy Bean
Live as if you were to die tomorrow Learn as if you were to live forever.
— Ghandi
Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Willing is not enough. We must do.
— Bruce Lee
Learning is not the product of teaching Learning is the product of the activity of the learner.
— John Holt

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