Learning Management System UK (LMS)

We can tailor our Learning Management System to your specific needs. Instead of making do with the limitations of an off the shelf LMS, why not try our LMS UK system that can match your unique criteria for success? 

Learning Management System · Consultancy and support · Software development · Infrastructure · E-learning standards


Work with us and we'll guide you through the process of sharing your expertise and developing people through our LMS UK system. Your content and delivery may be inspired by traditional training methods or you may want to design your content specifically for the e-learning environment. 

With full administrative access you can manage your users effectively, track and report on their progress and have complete flexibility. 

Our Learning Management System also provides a positive user experience, equipping users to learn at their own pace, engage with other learners, track their own progress and return to exactly where they left off in their last learning session.


Our LMS is ideal for...

Organisational learning
Our enterprise learning systems provide your employees with a manageable, cost saving global learning platform. Read more

Training providers
Monetise your training content and knowledge assets using our LMS to sell, deliver, monitor and manage everything online. Read more

Those who want a UK LMS provider

Our Learning Management System UK team is ready to provide local expertise and support. Contact us



A UK based Learning Management System that uses leading technology

Fully customisable

For the specific needs of your organisation and audience

  • Match your brand image, terminology and preferences

  • Domain name of your choice

  • Customisable learning groups

  • Custom login page and skin options

  • Customisable completion certificates

Watch 'Introduction and overview' video (1:05)

E-commerce enabled

Monetise your content and expertise

  • E-commerce enabled with shopping cart

  • Connect with payment gateways of your choice

  • Accept payments from credit/debit cards, PayPal, etc

  • Multi currency enabled

  • Automatic currency exchange with manual override



Standards and compliance for ease of use and integration 

  • Scorm 1.2/2004 compliant

  • xAPI (Tin Can) compliant

  • Integrates with your existing business systems

  • Optional LRS provision


Responsive design

Designed for the modern world

  • Responsive design for learners and administration

  • Works on all major browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox, etc)

  • Works on PC's, tablets, smartphones and iOS devices


dependable infrastructure

Secure, reliable and proven LMS UK infrastructure

  • UK data centres

  • Manned security and CCTV monitoring (24x7x365)

  • Smoke detection and fire suppression

  • Dual power feeds, UPS and back up generators


LMS api integration

Utilising authentication tokens, the API allows your systems to perform the following actions on the In2itive LMS

  • Create new user profiles on the LMS

  • Update basic information for a user profile

  • Create new learning groups on the LMS

  • Assign programmes (courses) to either individual users or to learning groups

  • Obtain periodic learning status reports for an individual user or for all users within a particular learning group

  • Retrieve a list of learning groups from the LMS

  • Check if a username already exists on the LMS

Read the 'non-technical guide to API's'

Catalogues and products

Display or sell your e-learning products with ease

  • Create multiple custom catalogue and product pages

  • Offer set or tiered prices and bulk discounts

  • Assign discounts, coupon codes and time limited offers

  • Turn social tools on or off by product (such as ratings)


Multi language support

Native language support for global businesses

  • Custom multi language system menus

  • Select language by drop-down or emblem/flag

  • Language sets are custom to your preferences


Learning Management System UK

A UK based LMS technology provider

  • A team of experts based in Cambridgeshire UK

  • No need to work remotely all the time

  • A strong understanding of UK training needs



A UK based Learning Management System with flexible learning options


Enable organisational knowledge sharing

  • Group specific News items

  • Group specific Newsletters

  • Group Documents & Links


classroom sessions

Schedule attendance training sessions

  • Easily schedule sessions

  • Share course, venue and tutor details

  • Invite attendees

  • Download to Outlook calendar




Test the understanding and performance of users

  • Multiple choice quizzes and tests (supports randomisation)

  • Free form assignments with document download and upload

  • Tutor feedback and grading console

  • Optional video based assignment and assessment

  • Quiz response analysis tools

  • Optional surveys for feedback and analysis

Watch 'Quizzes and surveys' video (2:23)


Connect users and create online communities

  • Forums

  • Group Events calendar

  • In-private messaging



Connect face to face, where ever you are

  • Create and schedule virtual meetings

  • Record online meetings and share later

  • Two way video, audio, whiteboard and sharing

  • Screen and document sharing

Watch 'LMS virtual classroom' video (2:16)



Communicate simply and efficiently

  • Customise welcome and progress emails

  • Customise emails by user privilege or role

  • Automate registrations into private groups

  • Embed links to surveys and certificates



A Learning Management System with UK based administration and support


Data to help you manage your students and business

  • Learner progress reports

  • Completions, in-progress and failure reports

  • Chronological activity reports

  • Quiz response and analysis tools

  • Generate reports by customer, learning group and product

  • Report filters by group, date range, product and location

  • Export reports to Excel and custom reports available

Watch 'Management reports' video (3:43)



Easy to use e-learning system administration

  • Create, manage and edit all users, groups and learning assets

  • Automated registrations into private groups

  • Bulk uploads via in-built spreadsheet templates

  • Multiple user and administrator privilege levels

  • Customise welcome pages and email communications

  • Multi-tier organisation and group structure

  • Pre-assign group programmes, resources, contacts, etc

Watch 'Administration of users' video (5:13)



Easily manage employee and customer access

  • Manage all client user licences

  • Inherit parent or fix licence allocations

  • Use programme or user licences

  • Supports programme bundling

  • Supports time based user access



Ongoing service and support is part of your long term package

  • Prompt support via telephone and email

  • One account manager for a single point of contact

  • LMS UK based technical support and customer service

  • Learning Management System UK software development

  • Comprehensive Service Level Agreements


User friendly interface

Laid out just how you want it

  • Thoughtful navigation — on your terms

  • Intuitive paths and drop-down menus

  • Simple customisation tools

i.t. relief

We take care of the technology

  • Web based, hosted solution

  • No software or hardware to buy, install or maintain

  • No burden on your IT department or IT infrastructure


Talk to us about how you can deliver e-learning on an LMS that is customised to your specific needs

Consultancy, advice and support

There is more to e-learning than technology. Our consultative approach ensures we deliver tailored e-learning solutions perfectly suited to your business. This is followed by ongoing, friendly and timely customer support.

Learning Management System · Consultancy and support · Software development · Infrastructure · E-learning standards



Advice and guidance

Since this is not an off the shelf system you can expect that we will take the time to get to know you. We like to understand what you want to achieve, why you want that and when it needs to be achieved.

We don’t just help you with decisions about technology. Making a success of e-learning isn't just about the technology that you use. Success will be achieved through a combination of many other factors including commercial viability, service levels and integration with other business systems. 

Our consultancy services will help you navigate the sometimes complex world of e-learning. Our expert team will ask the right questions, listen and then provide you with the information you need to make the right decisions for your organisation.

Ongoing support

We provide a fully managed, LMS UK based service. Our support and service level agreements include all of the following as standard.

  • UK based technical support and customer service
  • Prompt support via telephone and email
  • UK based software development team
  • Comprehensive service level agreement
  • Administrative support for content loading and user administration and amends
  • Training (in-house if required)
  • One account manager for single point of contact
  • Business support and help with your customers

Whatever your needs, our Learning Management System UK team will support you. You can be sure you’ll get a quick personalised response from someone who knows all about you and your business.


Talk to us if you need help figuring out the best way to approach your e-learning plans

Software development and custom integration from our UK team

As well as the continual evolution of our core LMS platform, we also commit to custom developments specific to your needs. This means improved integration with your systems and real problem solving.

Learning Management System · Consultancy and support · Software development · Infrastructure · E-learning standards



What we mean by software development

We’re not talking about changing fonts, colours, logos, menus, layouts and terminology. These are all part of our custom package and they come inclusive.

We’re talking about helping with additional things that might help improve your business efficiencies. Things such as making the LMS operate in harmony with existing business processes and work flow. Or integration with your existing marketing and CRM systems to streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary duplicate or manual activities.

We also mean we're happy to design new features or functions we haven't thought of yet, but that you feel you need. This might be for a specific project or customer of yours. Either way, we'll sit down and review your specific needs and determine what is needed when.

Of course we also continually improve our platform so that you’ll want to continue using it in the future — not just tomorrow but say three years from now, five years from now and beyond.

We carry out ongoing software development in a continuous effort to make everything better, faster, smarter and to keep up to date with the latest technology and e-learning industry standards. This is why we have a loyal and long term customer base with some customers having been with us for more than 10 years.


Streamlining data example

A client received 20 to 50 new registrations per day via a free trial. They then manually entered this data into their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This was obviously inefficient and costly.

So we designed a data capture form that gathered the information required for the CRM. We also developed an API (Application Programming Interface) to pass information directly from the LMS to the CRM system automatically. 

Reducing delivery costs example

Our client was using the In2itive LMS to deliver an employability e-learning course to 16-18 year olds. They needed a way to independently assess each candidates presentation capabilities without the associated costs of meeting each candidate in person.

We designed an assessment tool that allowed students to record a video presentation directly from their webcam to the LMS. Students were able to record, save, edit and re-record sections of their interview — and only when they were happy with their entire video response would they click the button to submit it. Tutors' were able to provide feedback, grades and certificates to students online, via the LMS.


Talk to us if you need to do something new or different with your LMS

Dependable infrastructure for your LMS

We know your organisational data, e-learning content and 24 x 7 x 365 availability are all of paramount importance. That's why no expense is spared on safety, security and reliability in our cloud based environment. 

Learning Management System · Consultancy and support · Software development · Infrastructure · E-learning standards


High security levels protect your data

Data centre access is strictly limited to security-cleared personnel and is controlled by extensive CCTV monitoring and state-of-the-art access control systems.

  • 24 x 7 x 365 manned security and monitoring
  • Role based access control requires swipe-card, through multiple secure areas
  • Internal and external CCTV systems
  • On-site technical engineers 24 x 7 x 365
  • All security staff accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA)
  • Unique on site Network Operations Centre (NOC)

High performing servers

Extensive environmental controls are employed to ensure servers operate to their full potential and deliver high performance day-in, day-out. Humidity analysers and accurate temperature monitors are used to monitor and adjust data centre climates as required. 

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Denco environmental monitoring systems
  • VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)
  • FM200 fire suppression equipment
  • Constant evaluation and testing of all systems

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Our data centres and offices don't simply rely on local grid power to ensure the up-time of your hosted services. In the rare case of a power outage, the power supply is switched to our own local diesel-powered generators and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

  • Dual independent power feeds backed up by Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems
  • Diesel generators capable of running our data centres indefinitely protect services from any single power failure


The dependable infrastructure of our LMS UK system is backed by our partnership with Outsourcery (formerly RISE) who are providers of our UK based data centre. 


Talk to us if you need an LMS infrastructure you can depend on

E-learning standards, compliance and technologies

E-learning technologies can seem overly complex. We can help you navigate and understand this world of technologies so you can successfully apply what is most applicable to the specific goals of your organisation.

Learning Management System · Consultancy and support · Software development · Infrastructure · E-learning standards



understanding SCORM

SCORM stands for Sharable Content Object Reference Model. 

In order for one person to have a meaningful conversation with another person they need to speak the same language and follow the same set of rules for interaction. Let's call this sharing a common interface (i.e. the language that they are speaking). Once they've had a conversation using that common interface (language) then they are able to comprehend each other and report back on that conversation to others.

Think of SCORM in a similar way. It is a common interface that allows learning content to interact with a Learning Management System in a meaningful and standardised manner. SCORM dictates how learning content and Learning Management Systems (LMS) communicate with each other. 

Most vendors will refer to SCORM 1.1, SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 compliance. These are just different versions of the standard. Nowadays its most common to see systems and content listed as SCORM 1.2 and 2004 compliant or SCORM1.2/2004 for short.

do you need SCORM?

You may not actually need SCORM compliance for all e-learning projects. However, its worth investigating before you begin because SCORM compliance provides you with interoperability across multiple vendors. SCORM is like an insurance policy for any investment made in e-learning. 

If you invest in creating online training you may want to deliver it on a number of different LMS platforms, either now or in the future. You ought to ensure it can be used to deliver and track many different online training programmes from different vendors.

If an LMS is SCORM compliant, it can work with any other training content that is also SCORM compliant. Additionally, any online training content that is SCORM compliant can be used in any SCORM compliant LMS.

Understanding the Experience API

The Experience API is known as xAPI for short and was formerly known as Tin Can. Think of it as the next generation of SCORM. Whereas SCORM really only takes care of interactions between the learning content and the LMS, xAPI enables other real-world experiences and interactions to be recorded.

For example, this real-world data might be that someone has:

  • Read a book
  • Attended a meeting or a lecture
  • Completed a training course
  • Gained a certificate
  • Won a medal 
  • Taken part in collaborative group sessions
  • Written an article

The repository for all of this information is called a Learning Record Store and if a device, system or process supports the xAPI then it can record these experiences to the LRS.

Summary of SCORM and xAPI

In the world of SCORM the ‘learning’ that is tracked relates mainly to activity undertaken on e-learning programmes within an LMS environment.

In contrast, xAPI isn’t limited to the LMS environment. It supports a more ‘real life’ approach to learning by capturing learning activity from outside of the traditional LMS environment. This provides a better representation of ‘real life’ learning through the capture of on and off line experiences.

In the world of xAPI and the LRS, any device, system or process that supports xAPI can send a statement to an LRS regarding those broader learning activities.

Understanding an lRS

LRS stands for Learning Record Store. It is a repository or database for statements that have been created and sent using the Experience API. The LRS is principally a store for learning records.

The LRS can be accessed and interrogated by an LMS, by another LRS, or by other systems that support xAPI. The LRS can operate as a standalone records system or it can operate inside the In2itive LMS.

what this means for your business

To get to the bottom of this world of e-learning standards and technologies we encourage you to have a conversation with us. The choices you make related to learning technologies can positively or negatively impact your business and we can help you understand what’s important and what’s not so important. We'll  set you on the right path to accomplishing your e-learning plans.


Talk to us for guidance on the ins and outs of learning stanadrds and technologies