Professional services

In addition to designing and operating your LMS, we offer related services that support your business. These services help ensure your LMS delivers what you expected and more. 

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LMS package

Our core offering is the In2itive LMS with inclusive design and set-up and it comes with absolutely no hidden extras. All our LMS agreements include design, setup and launch of the LMS, with API, annual support and Service Level Agreement. We also help you with content loading, setup and testing. As part of your LMS you will get the following as standard:


Design, setup and launch

  • Provision and operation of an ‘own brand’ LMS. You can customise the following:
    • Preferences and terminology
    • Organisation welcome pages and branding
    • Automated emails
    • Group event calendar, documents and forums
    • Collaboration tools
  • The loading and testing of your first three e-learning courses
  • The LMS can reside at any domain name you own
  • Full administration and reporting suite
  • No limits or extra charges for administrators
  • Our mobilisation team will guide you every step of the way, setting everything up for you, in accordance with your preferences

Annual support and service level agreement

A support contract and standard Service Level Agreement which includes hosting, management, content storage, automated back-up management, bandwidth, database and administration, telephone support, business development support and dedicated account management.


API (Application Programming Interface)

  • Use of the API
  • API developer documentation
  • Implementation support from our technical team


Get more information about the range of supporting professional services we offer users of our LMS


Services that support the LMS

We do significantly more than just provide you with the In2itive LMS. We’ll help you navigate all the challenges that may arise when you start out with a new LMS. From training and administration support to interoperability solutions, we’ve got you covered.

LMS package · LMS services · Content services · Planning a course


Administrative support

You will be able to set up and manage users, learning groups and courses on your LMS. However, we can be an extension of your admin team, carrying out some of this activity on your behalf, either on an ongoing basis or on an ad-hoc basis, like during busy periods or staff holidays. This support can include:

  • Creation, editing and removal of LMS learning groups or individual user profiles
  • Assignment and removal of courses to LMS learning groups or users
  • Providing regular LMS user progress and activity reports (Excel, csv)

Course loading and testing

The loading and testing of your first three courses is included in the price of the LMS. After this, most clients manage this ongoing activity themselves. However, if required, we can continue loading, organising and testing your courses. This can include upload of:

  • Course modules
  • Associated course materials such as PDFs, links and videos
  • Course descriptions, images, emails, etc.  

LMS Administration and user training

Learn how to setup and manage users, learning groups and courses, create and manage catalogues and pricing on your LMS. 

  • Training can be provided at our offices or at client premises
  • Up to 4 attendees at In2itive offices
  • Duration is typically 5-6 hours

Software, applications and third party product testing

You may have a range of software, applications or products that need to work with your LMS. We can help you navigate this complex landscape through:

  • Evaluation and testing
  • Interoperability testing
  • Liaising or meeting with third party vendors

Software development

If custom developments are required we can provide client-specific solutions. Following a detailed scoping exercise we will provide a Scope of Works (SoW) with:

  • The original request from the client
  • How we propose to design and implement the solution (including design mock-ups)
  • Prices for completion and implementation

Read more about software development


Consultancy services

We tailor our e-learning solutions by reviewing and recommending approaches and solutions in the following areas:

  • Learning technology software applications, standards and solutions
  • Review of existing practices and procedures
  • Interoperability with third party products and services
  • Legacy product migration and integration
  • Infrastructure reviews, back-up and DR processes

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Ad hoc LMS Reports

You may have clients of your own who  request out of the ordinary information. We can help with:

  • Urgent reports
  • Historical data reports
  • Periodic management reports


Services that support the content on your LMS

Other than just designing and operating the your LMS, we can support you with the creation of SCORM learning packages, and the uploading and testing of training materials within the In2itive LMS environment. Our LMS supports a wide range of training content types such as documents (PDF, Word, Excel), presentations (PowerPoint), videos (play, pause and re-watch videos), quizzes (scored tests and responses), surveys (scored questions and responses) and SCORM compliant courseware.

LMS package · LMS services · Content services · Planning a course


Course packaging and creation

Once your SCORM packages, quiz packages and surveys are loaded onto the LMS they can be used to collate your courses. Your courses might use any combination of the above. They may have course and module images, a course information page, course-assigned emails, course-completion emails, additional resources (e.g. PDF files) and links to other information – all of which may need uploading, organising and testing within the LMS.

We include the first three complete course creations free of charge in order to ensure that everything is right for you, and so you then know how to do things for yourselves.


Course Authoring ‘from scratch’

The creation of e-learning packages ‘from scratch’ involves the consideration of learning objectives and outcomes, as well as authoring, editing, design, reviewing and production.

It is also very much dependent on how much of your time and input is available during that process, and what other expertise is required (such as subject matter experts, voiceover artists, graphical and instructional designers etc. We can help you manage this process.



SCORM compliant e-Learning content

When you supply us with content in Word and Powerpoint we can help you create SCORM compliant e-learning material.

E-Learning content from Word
You supply the Word document and we design a PowerPoint template for your course. We’ll get your approval for the template then paginate the words from the Word document into the PowerPoint slides, including any  supplied imagery. Following approval, we use the approved PowerPoint slides to create a SCORM package with manually advanced pages. We then load and test the SCORM package on the LMS and let you know once it’s ready to be allocated to your user community.

E-learning content from Powerpoint

You supply the PowerPoint file and we take the slides ‘as is’ and create a SCORM package with manually advanced pages. We load and test the SCORM package on the LMS and let you know once it’s ready to be allocated to your user community.

Videos from Powerpoint slides

You supply the PowerPoint file with timings and animations and we turn that into an MP4 video. We then load and test the video on the LMS and let you know once it’s ready to be allocated to your user community.


Quizzes and surveys

You supply the quiz questions and answers (right and wrong options) in a Word document and we’ll create a SCORM compliant quiz package. We then load and test the SCORM package on the LMS and let you know once it’s ready to be allocated to your user community.

With surveys you supply the questions in a Word document. Survey questions can be open-ended or use defined options and scales (e.g. Agree Strongly, Agree Somewhat, Disagree).  We then load the survey onto the LMS and test it.



Things to consider when planning a new course

There is a range of things to thing about when planning your course material. We've put together a list to help you have all the information you need when you speak to us about creating a course.

LMS package · LMS services · Content services · Planning a new course


When planning course material think about the following:

  • How much training content is already available?
  • In what format is the existing training content (PDFs, Word Docs, PowerPoint Slides, Videos)?
  • How much of the existing content will be re-used in the LMS training course?
  • Will the existing content need to be converted into a different format?
  • How much new content will need to be created for the LMS course?
  • In what format will the new content be created? (PowerPoint? Videos)?
  • Who will create the additional content?
  • Will you need specialist expertise to help write the course and/or approve/certify the course?
  • Will you need professional voice-overs, video production etc?


Talk to us about any supporting services you may need to help get your LMS up and running as quickly and pain free as possible