Learning Record Store (LRS) 

The In2itive LRS is a storage platform for learning and performance data. The Learning Record Store also provides a range of tools for reporting and analysing the data it records.


As a storage platform, the LRS is a repository for statements that have been created as a result of some form of learning experience taking place on other systems or processes that support the Experience API. The LRS allows you to collate and analyse all your training, development and performance data so you can improve the future performance of your people and organisation.

The benefits of an LRS

The LRS can capture all sorts of experiential learning and performance information beyond your traditional capture methodologies.

Once that information is stored on the LRS you will be able to dig deeper into the usage of learning content, performance related resources, the behavior of groups and users, and much more. An LRS provides clearer insight through metrics and supports your future endeavors related to the design of e-learning content, performance related activities, team development and organisation development.

By having this data available and being able to analyse it in whichever ways you choose, you can determine the strengths and weakness of individual performance as well as organisational strengths, weaknesses and trends.

Implementing and LRS

The In2itive Learning Record Store can be provided integral to our Learning Management System or as a standalone LRS.

The In2itive LRS can be accessed and interrogated by an LMS, by another LRS, or by any other system as long as those systems use the Experience API (xAPI).

Do you need an LRS?

We find that this is where a conversation helps. We’ll help you understand what’s important and what’s not important and set you on the right path to accomplish your plans.

Training providers

If you’re a training provider then it’s unlikely that an LRS is a ‘must have’ for your business. However, if you use the In2itive LMS, an LRS is part of that solution anyway. The LRS will be ready and populated with your data for whenever you may need it in the future.

Organisational learning

If you’re a learning and development professional, providing solutions for organisational development then it’s likely that the Experience API, enhanced analytical capabilities and of course a supporting LRS are all on your radar. We can discuss your requirements and, much like with our LMS, provide you with a custom solution that can evolve with you and your organisation.


Talk to us about how a Learning Record Store could benefit your organisation