Tips and Hints

5 common questions about an LMS

Different customers’ often ask us very similar questions. This is a round-up of the more prevalent questions. The responses might only give you the initial information you’re looking for, but if you talk to us, we’ll be better able to understand your specific problems and can assist you from there. These questions are:

  1. How can we encourage companies who buy our courses on the LMS to service themselves more?
  2. Does my e-learning have to be SCORM compliant?
  3. What is meant  by a “responsive” LMS?
  4. Why do my e-learning courses sometimes ‘freeze’ ?
  5. Why do I need to be connected to the Internet to do my e-learning course?

Slow Internet and e-learning — who's to blame when websites slow down or stop?

We've all experienced the frustration of slow Internet! Your e-learning site (or other websites) slow down to a snail's pace or grind to a halt. What's the real problem when your e-learning websites are running slow; always down at a particular time; or seem to be working just fine for everyone else, but you? Understand why these slow Internet problems are not always your learning platform suppliers fault by getting into your car and taking an illustrative car journey. Most importantly, use our selection of handy slow Internet diagnosis tips and tricks.