Scalable end user training to match the growth potential of your software business

You build products and software but you need to train your customers how to use your products and software. We'll help you implement end user training for your products and software that supports the increasing demand, delivery and successful use of your core products.

As a product and software developer, you will know that traditional product training strategies such as webinars and attendance courses work well while your business is growing. But what about when you start getting hundreds or even thousands of new users signing up to your products each week?

Without the right end user training in place, your trainers become stretched, back office employees become overwhelmed with administrative tasks and geographical delivery becomes increasingly difficult due to audience time-zone differences. Traditional product training also becomes more and more costly, and difficult to manage and assess as training quality varies from trainer to trainer. 

The LMS allows us to work more efficiently and enables us to offer our clients significantly better training. As a UK based, owner managed company, In2itive satisfied our requirements. They stood out because we wanted a supplier that we could actually get to know. Most companies offering an LMS were based outside of the UK, but we wanted to meet with more than just their sales people as and when the need arose – for example their technical support team or even their software development team. It was also important that their hosting infrastructure and data storage was UK based.
— Arlia Bundy, Operations Manager, Elogbooks FM

Elogbooks FM provide a cloud-based software solution that helps Asset Management and Servicing


An online end user training strategy that supports the increasing demand for your products and software

We can help you reach the growth potential of your business by enabling your organisation to deliver online product and software end user training, and access essential real-time user feedback. Transition to using our e-learning and training platform so that you can meet your ever increasing training demands.

We will work with you to develop an end user training strategy that will significantly reduce costs and give you back the time to focus on your products, services and long term business objectives.

Reduce the cost of your end user training

Depending on the type of product or software training your organisation needs to provide, you may benefit from:

  • Reduced travel, venue hire, material reproduction and catering costs
  • Reduced certification costs from using automatically generated certificates
  • Reduced postage, labelling, packaging and dispatch costs
  • Less need for skilled trainers
  • Less time spent on administration, such as planning and tracking training
  • Consistent quality of end user training delivery
  • Access to real-time usage reports and user feedback
  • Online training resources that don’t go missing!

Integrate your business functions, systems and training pathways

Our extensive API allows your existing business systems and software applications, such as HR, CRM and Intranet systems, to communicate with the In2itive LMS.

Integrating the In2itive LMS with your business systems, via our API, means you can benefit from improved efficiencies and cost savings through more streamlined business processes.

For example, in the past you might have made a sale then relied on a separate team to organise and administer the training. Using the API you will be able to get your systems to communicate directly with the LMS. It can automate the entire process using pre-defined training pathways for each of your products and for individual customer groups. 

Use the LMS to provide end user training and employee training 

Employee training is just as important as customer training and if you’re using the In2itive LMS to provide end user training, then you can also use it to train your employees. The same LMS can be used for employee on-boarding, compliance or ongoing personal development, as you choose. The data and records are partitioned so that the correct people have access to the correct information.

Reap the benefits of replication and customisation

Once you’ve created an online training course then your customers can access it over and over again, whenever they choose and from wherever they choose. You will also find that many users will undertake their end user training ‘out of hours’, thus providing additional cost benefits to their own employers.

Once created, you can also re-use and re-package those core training materials by simply customising the components or modules. So as your product and business evolves your end user training can too.

Ensure your end user training is as cutting edge as your products

Whether you sell a physical product or an SaaS solution, you can stand out from your competitors by offering innovative and user training together with quality customer experience.

The flexible LMS learning platform will provide you and your product with the edge, leaving you free to focus on creating, producing and selling industry leading products and software, while the LMS takes care of training your users.

Our consultative approach will help you to make the transition from where you are now to where you want to be. 

An easy to manage blended learning end user training solution

You may want to move all your end user training online in the form of e-learning or provide customers with a mix of e-learning, live webinars and face to face training. The In2itive LMS provides a system that enables you to easily manage and track all these learning options.

Use the In2itive LMS to host your training content, schedule and conduct live webinars as well as organise and schedule face to face training sessions.

Our LMS gives you the confidence to offer your clients choice, without the fear of complicated admin heavy procedures. 

Customise and brand your end user training to suit varying customer needs

Whether you work with individuals or large organisations the In2itive e-learning system supports customisation so you can provide unique learning experiences for specific clients, across different products or markets. Our LMS also supports multi-language menus, so if you have a product you are selling worldwide, now or in the future, the e-learning system is ready to provide what you need.

Create communities for your customers and products

Who better to help your customers than those who are successfully using your products already?

Yes you can still provide customers with traditional access to individual trainers, customer support and FAQs – but with the LMS you can also offer an extended range of collaboration options that can include forums, wikis, chatrooms, in-private messaging and online tutor access.

This enables your clients to support each other through a product community whilst giving you access to valuable information on what else you can be doing to support them.

Access qualitative real-time feedback

The LMS enables you to track the quality and engagement of your training with the same level of detail that you might track your sales or product quality. The training reporting system tracks exactly what your users are engaging with, when and for how long.

You can even use surveys (mandatory or optional) as part of your training courses. This means you can capture data and report on the user learning experience, product specific information, or you can use surveys to gather other useful metrics from your customers’.

Such information is invaluable in assuring the quality and evolution of your online product training solutions.