Multi-tenant LMS

Although a multi-tenant LMS doesn’t offer the same high levels of customisation and flexibility as your own custom LMS, it can offer a cost effective and quick turnaround solution.


There are a number of reasons why a multi-tenant LMS could be right for your needs:

  • You have an urgent project where rapid deployment is necessary. 
  • You have low volumes of users. This lower cost option can provide an effective affordable solution for smaller organisations. 
  • Your organisation is just beginning its e-learning journey and needs a short or flexible commitment period.
  • You have short duration e-learning projects.
  • You need to deliver auditable training within a short time frame but with no long term commitment.



get up and running quickly

The Multi-tenant LMS solution we offer means you don’t have to wait for a completely customised and branded LMS to be built for you. Rather, we can simply ‘skin’ an existing LMS, help you load your training and e-learning content and get you up and running very quickly.

Who can benefit from a multi-tenant solution

  1. Organisations with low volumes of users, typically from around 10, up to a few hundred
  2. When you need a rapid solution to enable you to deliver  auditable e-learning or training solutions quickly
  3. If you are just starting out in e-learning with a tight budget.


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